Highlands Hotels

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The Scottish Highlands are described through a collection of craggy mountainous regions of Scotland north and west of the Highland Boundary Fault, a land of mystery and splendour of wonder and trepidation a place of awe this is a land of men. The Highlands Hotels are the perfect destination for the business and leisure traveller featuring magnificent architectural profiles combined with sumptuous luxury, superb comfort, comprehensive amenities and facilities coupled with the renowned service of the hotels staff makes for an idyllic vacation.

The Scottish highlands are famous the world over for breathtaking scenery that has been praised in song, poetry and paintings and it is in its National Parks and vast areas of wilderness that visitors get to feel the real soul of the country. The Highlands are a land of contrasts as they offer vibrant towns such Inverness and the famous Loch Ness home to celebrity ''Nessie'' and beautiful peaceful Islands it is a multifaceted area that provides that holiday solution for all.

The Highlands of Scotland are recognised for their cultural heritage and historic background and many arrive to trace their Scottish ancestors and visit Scottish Castles. The area is also densley populated with wild animal that include Scottish Wildcat, Red Dee, Roe Deer, Dolphins and Whales. r

As expected in an area of such natural beauty, the choice of Hotels is impressive, from low budget hotels, bed and breakfast Hotels, and extravagant executive Hotels. The settings provided for the Hotels is spectacular affording guests superb views and a range of architectural styles they are structured to suit all budgets and tastes.

The Highlands Hotels provide for their guests a fantastic range of facilities, guaranteeing all needs are met, they offer peaceful sanctuary for their discerning guests and delicious cuisines, sumptuous accommodation insuring the guests return.